Illinois has operated more than 22 months without a full state budget. While Illinois public schools have benefited from a partially-funded education budget, our schools, students, families, and communities will continue to suffer without a full state budget.

We also will continue to struggle if Mandated Categorical state payments, which support special education, bilingual education, transportation, and other important services, do not get paid this year. To date, the State of Illinois owes District 87 approximately $2 million and Unit 5 approximately $8 million, in just those Mandated Categoricals. And even though we are not receiving the funds, we are still required to provide the services.

Like any business, school districts need to know how much money they will receive so that education leaders and elected board members can make thoughtful spending decisions, from hiring staff to allocations for curriculum, maintenance and repairs, and much more for the coming school year.

Please join the effort and:

  • Contact your legislator! Click the following link to find your legislator. https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/
  • Ask your legislator to take action to address the three items cited above.
  • Use social media to share your budget concerns with the hashtag #PassILBudget
  • Ask your friends and community members to join our efforts.
  • More than 400 school districts – including Bloomington District 87 and McLean County Unit 5 – have joined this effort. Let’s all work together to #PassILBudget and create adequate and equitable funding for our schools.