Team Quest Competition Forms

Team Quest Competition Information

We are excited to announce this year’s Team Quest competition is coming soon!

What:  Chiddix Team Quest Local Competition

During the competition, teams are asked to solve problems in many areas of academic instruction. Team Quest includes activities in music, the arts, geography, language arts, science, and mathematics. Teams are challenged to apply their knowledge to real-life problems incorporating creativity, imagination, and engineering into the events and promoting higher-level thinking. Students will enjoy a variety of activities and have an opportunity to show that they can excel by working together as a team.  


Where: Chiddix Junior High Cafeteria

When:  Saturday,  April 9, 2022

Times:   Arrival:  Between 8:30 – 8:55.  Competition: begins at 9am and ends at 3:15pm

              Award Ceremony at  3:30 pm    Pick-Up: 3:45 pm. 


Entry Fee:  The cost of the competition is $25. This includes lunch.


Teams: Students will be assigned to teams by Mrs. Hinshaw. However, students may make suggestions of possible teammates on the back of this form. Students may invite a friend who hasn’t been at Team Quest club meetings to attend the competition as well.  


What to bring to the competition:  Students do not need to bring any supplies on the day of the competition; all supplies and lunch will be provided. Some students like to bring non-messy snacks for the day. This is allowed, but not required. 


How to prepare for the competition:  There is no advance preparation required for the competition.  However, students may enjoy preparing for possible trivia and other challenges related to our animal theme. 


Parents:  Parents are invited to come and watch the challenge, but will not be able to interact with their child during the competition.   You may take pictures or videos of the event as long as it is not distracting to any teams.  If you are planning to attend and would like to order lunch (La Gondola sandwiches), please email me at  You can bring your money ($5) on the day of the competition.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hinshaw at or 309-557-4405 (school).