IN-PERSON LEARNERS!  Please remember to certify your student's health each morning before attending school in-person!


This can be completed one of two ways:

  1. The "Unit 5 Safe" app available in the Apple App store and Google App store. Here is a link to download the App.

  2. The "App Armor" website

IMPORTANT! For the app to recognize your student, please note the following common issues:

  1. Please use your student's first and last name (middle name is not necessary) as they appear in Infinite Campus, i.e. "Christopher" instead of "Chris."
  2. Please do not use your student's middle name!
  3. Please check for any "Auto Corrected" words by your device!
  4. Please check for any unnecessary spaces in the text fields.
What if I forget to self-certify my student?

We will be pulling a daily report, by 8:15am, of students who have not been self-certified that day. For any students in which self-certification is not completed, they will need to be screened at school, and verified with families. This means building administration will need to pull students from 1st hour classes! Students will then need a temperature screening completed by building administration or the school nurse.

Furthermore, students will need to connect with a family member to certify them via the app immediately! Once we, at the school, can verify the certification has been completed by a family member, the student can then return to his or her class.

Please help us!  I am personally asking all in-person families to be mindful of how disruptive this will be for students, staff, and administration! Please help us avoid these situations by ensuring your student is certified each day before arriving to our building!

Please note that failure to certify a student multiple times will result in the student moving to remote instruction.