Facility Use

Prairieland Facility Use Information

Want to use ½ of the Prairieland Gym or Multipurpose Room?


First Step: Read all Facility Use Documents to include:

Regulation for Use of District Facilities pdf

Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at an Indoor Physical Fitness Facility pdf

Visitors to and Conduct on School Property pdf


Next Step: Return the Application and Agreement Granting Use of District Facilities to the office no earlier than September 15 of each year.  

Notifications of approval will be sent to you by email by September 30. 


Final step once approved: Turn in team/group roster and ALL individual waivers if required.  (Important: Please do not have parents/students drop off waivers to the school. Coaches/Leaders must collect all individual waivers and turn in team rosters to the front office as one package before the team can use the facility.) 

Individual Waivers pdf

Team Roster Form pdf