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Unit 5 will begin transitioning our PreK-5 hybrid students to attend 5 days a week. Much of this letter is aimed at Pre-K and Elementary parents, but there are several items that are similar to what is happening at the secondary and high school level, as well. We wanted to share this information with all parents to make everyone aware, and help answer any questions that may arise. 


  • Monday, Feb. 1 - PreK hybrid students will transition to 4 days (M,T, Th, F) 
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3 - Pre-K and Elementary In-Person students will not have classes.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3 - Secondary students and Elementary Remote students will meet with their teachers following the normal Wednesday schedule.  
  • Thursday, Feb. 4 - K-2 hybrid students will transition to 5 days a week
  • Monday, Feb. 8 - PreK hybrid and Grades 3-5 hybrid will transition to 5 days a week
  • Wednesday, February 10 - Late Start
  • Monday, February 15 - President's Day (No Classes)
  • Tuesday, February 16 - School Improvement Day (No Classes)
  • Wednesday, March 10 - Late Start
  • Week of March 22-26 - Spring Break

* Students attending fully remote will continue with their current schedule 

* Junior high and high school hybrid students will continue with their current schedule 

The district will continue to closely monitor the number of positive cases at each building. Families can view the number of students and staff who test positive and are newly quarantined by going to the district website. Students who are found to be close contacts to a student or staff member, who tests positive, will be contacted by the school nurse and told they need to quarantine. With this change to Prek-Elementary there is a greater likelihood that those students may have to quarantine at some point because we have more students in the classroom. 

Health & Wellness

  • Individuals who are sick should stay home and not report to school
  • Students who are sick and/or displaying symptoms will be quarantined until they can be picked up from school
  • All students and staff are required to either self-certify their health or be subject to a temperature and symptoms check before entering school buildings DAILY. Please complete this before sending your child to school. You can download an app, called UNIT 5 SAFE, at the Apple or Google store. Here is a  LINK to download the app. If you do not want to download the app you can use this  WEBLINK to self-certify your student.
  • Students are required to wear a cloth face mask that covers their mouth and nose throughout the school day unless they are eating or outside
  • Students who refuse to wear a mask will be redirected to put one on. Students who refuse will be sent home.
  • Students should avoid touching their face and mask as much as possible.
  • Students have the opportunity to wash hands throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the buildings


  • Classroom seating will be configured with maximum allowable space between students. In most instances students will have 3-5 feet between themselves and another person(s). There may be exceptions to this depending on the number of students in the classroom and the size of the room. In these instances classrooms may have desk shields or plexiglass in place to add an additional layer of protection.
  • Staff may modify instructional plans to reduce student contact, and maintain appropriate social distancing to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Supplies are limited to only one person using them as much as possible
  • Seating charts will be used and maintained to assist with contact tracing


  • Students will be allowed to remove masks when eating or drinking. 
  • Unit 5 will provide breakfast and lunch service in the schools. 
  • Remote and secondary hybrid students will continue to be able to pick up curbside meals on Wednesdays. Here is a link to the schedule
  • Spacing of students will be arranged to stay under the 50-person limit per space.
  • Additional space outside the cafeteria may be utilized, if necessary. 

Hallways & Lockers

  • Buildings will work to reduce the number of students in the hall at the same time. 
  • Restroom procedures will be established at each school to limit the number of students transitioning in the hallway and in restrooms at one time.
  • Signs and arrows are placed throughout the buildings directing the flow of traffic


  • Unit 5 has added sub custodians this year to assist with schoolwide cleaning and disinfecting
  • High touch areas (door knobs, light switches, etc) are cleaned routinely during the day
  • Each classroom has a safe disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer to clean tables/desks
  • The district has purchased additional clearing materials to help maintain a safe and clean learning environment

Food Service & Water Fountains

  • All elementary students will wash hands, and/or be reminded to wash hands, prior to entering the cafeteria. 
  • Masks are required while picking up food in the cafeteria line. 
  • Students will be spread out as much as possible during lunch and may be assigned seats.  
  • All water fountains will be turned off and we will be using water bottle filling stations to provide students with access to water throughout the day. 


  • Updated bus route information will be available on your Infinite Campus Parent Portal by Sunday, Jan. 31. Once logged in to your parent portal, click on "More" on the left-hand side, then click "Transportation" from the drop-down menu in the center of the page. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 309-557-4287 (4BUS). 
  • Student should scan their ID when getting on and off the bus
  • Face masks must be worn.
  • Routes will be created with a maximum number of 48 students on each bus.
  • Seating charts will be used to assist with contact tracing.
  • Parents should complete the Self-Screener before their children board the bus and keep them home if they have any symptoms.
  • Parents that have the ability to transport their children to school are encouraged to do so.
  • Cleaning will occur in between routes


  • Elementary students will have recess. The number of students having recess at a single time will be limited.  
  • Each Early Learning Classroom has its own set of gross motor equipment. 
  • After school care will be available at the elementary schools and our community partners will be reaching out to families already registered. 

Junior High & High School Extra-Curricular Activities & Clubs

  • All decisions for IHSA participation will be governed by the guidance they have provided. 
  • All non-IHSA extra-curricular activities will be governed by the guidance provided by ISBE and (as appropriate) by the guidance provided above.
  • At this time Unit 5 is able to move forward with junior high and high school sports. Here is a link to the high school season schedule. Here is a link to the junior high season schedule. Contact your individual school for specific games and times. 
  • Clubs may meet while following ISBE & IDPH guidelines.  While in Phase 4 no more than 50 individuals may gather in one space.  
  • Athletic directors are working on the ability to host spectators for events. More details regarding that will be sent to athletes next week. Games will also be available via streaming video. 

Here is other important info:

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