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NCHS Seniors - FAFSA

Seniors and Senior Families - 

Financial Aid:
We want to invite our senior parents to a virtual event to help with creating their FSA ID for completing the FAFSA, once it opens in December.   As mentioned earlier this year, the FAFSA is being delayed until December and we still don't have the exact date.  Our concern with the later release date is that our students won't get their financial aid award letters in a timely manner, until probably February/March.  One way to assure you get your financial aid award letter  earlier than later is to complete the FAFSA soon after it opens.  

The first step to completing the FAFSA is to create an FSA ID.  This is your login information for the FAFSA. Although the FAFSA doesn't open up until December, parents can get their FSA IDs now.  Your student completed this if they were in attendance on November 9th's (half day) with Mrs. Hawkins. Both student and parent need their own FSA and it must be done at  least 3 days before completing the FAFSA application. The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is offering a free virtual FSA ID workshop Wednesday, November 15th starting at 6:30 pm.   It is a short process. Also, please remember this is a graduation requirement now in the State of Illinois; however, there will also be an  "OPT-OUT" form for families who wish not to complete the FAFSA nor need to. This will also be available in December and this will be sent out to seniors in their Google Senior Classroom and available with Mrs. Hawkins in the College & Career Center. 

The link for this workshop is here:

FSA ID Workshop
 November 15th   6:30