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Juniors! Apply for Hands-on Learning Opportunities!

Attention Juniors!  Apply to the Internship Program, Intro to Ed, or Work Program for Senior year…


There are a few hands-on learning experiences to consider as a senior!


The Internship Program allows you to work closely with a mentor in a career field you are interested in possibly pursuing.  The application is due January 6th. 


Introduction to Education-dual credit is a year long course. Students earn 3 college credit hours. In the fall semester they will observe in multiple classrooms throughout our community. In the spring semester, students will take part in a full Internship. They will choose a mentor to work closely with in any area of education that they are interested in. 


The Work Program allows you to work while still being enrolled in high school. It gives you more flexibility with your work schedule and an added bonus of getting to leave school early to go to work. You receive two credits for this program, one for the work you complete in class and another for how you perform at your job. 


Attached is information about each program…


What is the difference? 


Internship Application, 2023-2024 school year


Internship Site Information & Examples

Work Program Application

Work Program Website