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Iron Student Spotlight

Congratulations to the following students on a job well done!

Iron Student Spotlight


Fall 2021 Iron Spotlight

Congratulations!  You have been recognized by a teacher / staff member for your outstanding efforts in Fall 2021. 

When asking for nominations, we shared:  Please nominate students that you feel truly deserve the spotlight.  Academics are not the only reason we can recognize students.  Consider a students' effort, overcoming obstacles, advocating for themselves, helping others, etc.  

These are just a few of the nominations we received:

  • This student has had a challenging semester. However, he is learning from his mistakes and is developing a positive outlook on both his academics and his overall future.


  • Consistently models excellence in the classroom and supports our mission to establish a community of learners. He often provides support to his fellow students in a caring, thoughtful manner. He has definitely demonstrated our motto of "iron sharpens iron".


  • She has improved her attendance tremendously. Despite having some struggles at the beginning, she was able to get caught up in her work and persevered through her initial setbacks. I am incredibly proud of her and grateful to have her in my class!


  • He is a very kind, responsible, hardworking, and mature student who has such a bright life ahead of him. He is very passionate about his interests and provides great energy to our classroom space. I am grateful to get to teach him this year and cannot wait to see all that he accomplishes in the future!


  • She is not only a phenomenal student; she is also a wonderful human being. She really listens to what others have to say, and she expresses her own views in a way that does not dismiss others or make them feel badly. She thinks critically and creatively and wants others around her to succeed. I am very proud of her and grateful to have her in class!


  • She is such a fantastic student to have in Culinary Arts! She comes in every day with a positive attitude, a huge smile on her face, ready to be engaged in whatever we're doing. The group she was in was very quiet until she joined them. Now they all talk each day and she has been able to engage each of them in conversation and other activities in the lab. Their daily conversations of getting to know each other bring me so much joy. She is also a wonderful student, always completing her work accurately and on time. I am so grateful to have her in class this semester!


  • She always has a positive attitude and helps other students in the classroom. She will be a fantastic teacher when she is older.


  • He always brings a ton of humor and positivity to class every day. He works very hard to stay focused and get his work complete when he is given time, and I am proud of the maturity that he shows and the leadership skills that he has.


  • She is a student who has faced some pretty serious personal challenges, but remains positive, motivated, and a delight to have in class. She almost always has a smile on her face and a friendly greeting when she comes through the door. Along with her positive personality, she has become such a good self-advocate. She recently asked me if she could make a switch to her second semester schedule so she could keep the same teachers. Way to think ahead! I truly enjoy having Jordyce both in my English class and on my caseload this year.