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NCHS Announcements

Jazz Ensembles 2020-21
Jazz audition music is now available. All interested students should join the google classroom with code x3mi3dh and access information and materials for the audition. Jazz ensembles meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The time frames are to be determined but in general the time commitment is no more than 1 hour twice a week.
Auditions will be done by video submission and all audition materials are due by 8pm Nov 2. The results will be posted in the classroom by Friday Nov 6 and the first rehearsals will be the week of Nov 9 (starting Nov 10 with specific groups).

French Club
:  The French Club Short Film Fest will be taking place on Tuesday, October 20th at 3:30 PM at NCHS. The room number will be posted to our Google Classroom (join using code ntnwwl7) as well as our Instagram (@ironfrench) prior to the event. We will be watching French short films and participating in activities while socially distanced, and all participants must wear a mask and complete a self-screening before attending. Any members showing symptoms of COVID-19 should participate remotely via the virtual activity links that will be posed on Google Classroom.

Math Team:  Attention all mathletes this year's Math Team will be running virtually this year on Mondays from 4-5pm. If you're interested in solving challenging problems that you don't normally see in the usual high school curriculum and are interested in competing in a math competition, please contact Mr. Florido and Miss Shoukry by e-mail if you are not already on the Google Classroom. We get started on October 26th. 

Current students in an AP class this semester -
AP Exam Registration for May 2021 is happening NOW! College Board requires fall registration for spring testing.
For semester 1 and year-long AP courses, registration and payment is due by 9/30/2020. Visit the website for instructions & registration links.
(not for students in an honors level course....AP is different than a 9th/10th grade honors course)
Semester 2 only AP courses (social studies) will register in January/February.
Contact Mrs. Chase with questions:

Meditation Club (Mindful Iron):  Our school's meditation club, Mindful Iron, is going to try meeting remotely for the time being.  We are planning to meet for mindfulness and meditation practice every Thursday morning at 8:00 AM, starting on Thursday, August 27th.  If you're interested in joining the club, consider joining our Google Classroom.  There, you'll find a link to our recurring Zoom meeting.  Let Mr. Robinson know if you have any questions!

AfterProm Yard Signs:  Jr Class sponsors are selling class yard signs to raise funds for AfterProm.  We will be having Prom/AfterProm in 2021 either in person or virtually.  Senior class signs are currently sold out, but we are taking prepaid orders for a pick-up date in October. Junior-Freshman signs are still available on a limited basis. Once sold out, there will be no re-orders.

Please follow instructions on the appropriate forms on how to order and due dates. Thanks for the support!  

Class of 2021 Yard Sign Example
Class of 2021 Yard Sign Form
Class of 2022, 2023, 2024 Yard Sign Form