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Class Board Applications


Due to the Remote Learning now taking place, Class Board Applications for the 2020-2021 school year have been moved to an online process. Applications and teacher evaluations will be due by Friday, April 24th. Students must then participate in the virtual interview process over the week of April 27th-May 1st. We will notify students of their board positions by Wednesday, May 6th and board contracts will be due by Wednesday, May 13th. 

Listed below are the links to the application and teacher evaluations. Students should personally contact their three evaluators, sending each of them the link to the evaluations. 


Teacher Evaluations:

Student and parental commitment varies from class to class. Below are the expectations for each grade level:

Freshman: Sale of class t-shirts, Freshman Orientation, Homecoming Hallway Decorations, Iron Volleyball concession stands, additional fundraising

Sophomore: Sale of class t-shirts, Homecoming Hallway decorations, Battle of the Bands, and additional fundraising

Junior: Prom and After Prom are the main priorities for students and parents of the Junior Class Board. For Prom, most of the school year is spent fundraising which is handled by the Head Sponsor (Ms. Shoukry) and the students. Fundraisers include class t-shirts, Santa Letter Writing, Iron’s Got Talent, and Drive 4 UR School. They also will plan the entirety of Prom- from the venue to the DJ and decorations. 

***After Prom is the responsibility solely of the Junior Class Board parents. This is a major time commitment and is a year-long undertaking. Parents will be contacting vendors, fundraising, budgeting, and planning the entirety of the event from start to finish. With questions regarding After Prom, feel free to reach out to the current Committee at***

Senior: Design and sell class T-Shirt
Plan, and decorate the senior hallway for homecoming week
Plan, and decorate for the Homecoming dance
Plan, and hold times for senior ceiling tile decorating
Take of care of the Senior bulletin board
Take care of the Senior of the week
Create Social Media sites for the class
Graduation rehearsal
Senior Mock awards
Plan the Senior Picnic
Organize the Senor DVD for graduation
Class gift for the school
Speak at graduation(3 speakers)
Create a reunion fund

Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a Class Board member! Please contact us with any questions!

Head Sponsors

Freshman- Amy Tague (

Sophomore- Jason Safranek (

Junior- Katie Shoukry (

Senior- Megan Freymann & Jennifer Kelly ( &"