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Principal's Post (10/3/18)

Iron Parents & Guardians,

Fall is finally here!  We are busy as ever at NCHS and have much to celebrate and be thankful for.  Our Fall athletic teams are doing well and many of our extra curricular activities have begun and happy to report large turn outs.  

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Please see below for some highlights from the last several weeks here at NCHS.  We appreciate your continued partnership!

Parent / Teacher Conferences 

Parent/Teacher conference sign ups are open and ready.  You should have already received some email correspondance regarding this through Skyward.  P/T conferences will be on Friday, October 19th from 8:00 - 4:00 pm in the cafeteria.  Scheduling is first come, first served, so please make your appointments as soon as possible if you feel there is a need to meet.  Conferences are an excellent time to speak with your child’s teachers. However, due to the number of students that each teacher works with on a daily basis, it is impossible for every teacher to meet with every family. Please do not feel obligated to sign up and meet with all of your child’s teachers if you don’t feel it is necessary.  Parents can also contact the teachers to receive progress updates through email or a phone conference in place of a face-to-face meeting on the 19th.  We encourage parents to use this option if their child is succeeding in class and there are no pressing concerns.

Homecoming 2018

Online ticket sales for the Homecoming Dance have been extended until Friday, October 5th at midnight.  Please note that the deadline for date request forms has passed.  Students should only buy a ticket for an outside guest if they have already gotten approval for a completed date request form. 

Tickets can be purchased using the folloing link online.

For all things Homecoming related, please click HERE

Attendance Line
I just wanted to include a quick reminder to parents about how the attendance and reporting process works at NCHS.  We are such a large organization and with close to 2,200 students and one attendance secretary, the work of keeping attendance streamlined and organized is quite a chore! So, we thought we would provide some clarification about about how our attendance processes and procedures work with the hope of partnering with parents to make it successful for everyone.

If you know your child is going to be absent from school, or if you need to call them out during the school day, please consider the following:

1. We have streamlined the process for calling our building.  When you call our main line at 557-4401, you'll get an automated message so that you can select who can best assist you. The very first option is the attendance line.

2. If you would rather call the attendance line directly, the number is 309-557-4450.

3. Please understand that if you do not call the attendance line first and simply show up, you may wait 15-20 minutes before your child is ready. This occurs because many times students are in PE clothes, in the pool, in a driver's education vehicle, in a science lab, getting tutoring in an alternative location or part of a blended class where they may or may not be meeting in their classroom.  It may take time for us to send a student runner to find them and for your student to put materials away and come down to the office for pick up.

4. Please consider your child's schedule and what might make sense for an appointment, if possible. As mentioned above, if you know that you must make an appointment during the school day, please call the attendance line ahead of time so that we can get a pass to your student well in advance. This way they can be prepared for your arrival and you don't even have to come in the building! Our attendance line is cleared of calls every 30 minutes.

5. Perhaps most importantly, if your child texts or calls you and mentions that he or she is ill and needs to go home, please tell them to seek out the nurse. Often times, we have students who show up ready to leave and we aren't sure if they have permission to leave, or if they are too ill to drive themselves, etc. The worry is that we may have a student who is ill and needs assistance in the building that we don't know about unless they see the nurse first.

Thank you all for your partnership in making NCHS a great place to learn and teach. We appreciate your help in helping to make our processes and procedures as seamless as possible.

PS- Please see our attendance procedures in more detail.

Iron Hosts

Each year, our counseling department with the help of our "Iron Hosts" work to help acclimate new students to our building.  This includes a welcome party with breakfast, an introduction of some key adults who will assist them with their transition to NCHS and a trivia game where they learn more about our building.  This is a great time for our new students to get to know one another and about all of the great opportunities available to them to become involved students.  
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Best Buddies Jersey Day
Coach Drengwitz (Head Football Coach) and many of his players provided jerseys to students who are part of our Best Buddies organization.  Students wore their jerseys for the day and then sat near the end zone at our football game against Urbana.  The students in our Best Buddies organization enjoyed wearing the jersyes for the day and then wearing them at the ball game that evening with VIP seating!  

A very special thank you to Dr. David Kopsell and the students in his Urban Landscape Mgt. class for working with our NCHS Alumni Association in repairing the walkway in front of our building.  Students in this class are part of the Horticulture and Landscape Mgt. sequence at Illinois State Univeristy and received some hands on experience through working with Dr. Kopsell on our campus.  The result is a beautiful walkway that better honors the folks written on the bricks!
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Illinois State Board of Education - Student Representative 
Congrats to NCHS Senior Christiana Wang for being named to the 2018-2019 Student Advisory Council at the IL State Board of Education!  Twenty high school students from across Illinois will meet for the first time as the State Board’s Student Advisory Council for the 2018-19 school year. The teens will convene tonight at the newly renovated Illinois Governor’s Mansion in Springfield. The council provides diverse student perspectives on Illinois education issues and has a front-row seat to observe how the State Board formulates policy.

The council will research and present to the State Board on topics affecting students’ success in Illinois. The students’ interests and the agency’s priorities and needs over the course of the year will drive the council’s research topics. Additionally, the council will continue to develop the Student Voices microsite, launched by the 2017-18 Student Advisory Council this past spring. The Student Voices site provides space for students to ask and answer questions and access resources about preparing for college and career. 

C. Wang
      Christiana Wang, NCHS Senior 

NCHS is proud to showcase a new student led group called, "We Dine Together".  We know that given the size of our building and the busy nature of our school cafeteria, that some students may get lost in the crowd.  As a result, it may cause some students to feel as though there isn't anyone to sit with during lunch.  So, this year we have designated a classroom for each of the three lunch periods as a space for students to go and eat together if they don't have someone to sit with.  Student leaders work to identify students who may be sitting alone, introduce themselves to them, and then ask if they would like to join them in one of the classrooms.  These classrooms, supervised by teacher volunteers, are outfitted with refridgerators, microwaves and lunch items in case students who attend don't have anything to eat.  Students who lead this group are finding that some students who choose to eat together during We Dine Together end up going back to the cafe and sitting together at a table with others.  We are so excited to see this organization continue to grow and serve our students!  
A special thank you to our Promise Council for partnering with us to provide lunch items, refridgerators and microwaves to our We Dine classrooms for students to use.  


The Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation (IRTAF) awards nearly $36,500 in grant money to several public school educators (Pre-K through 12) statewide.  IRTAF is affiliated with the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, a lobbying group for retired educators, with a current membership of over 38,000.  On September 13, 2018, Kate O'Donnell was awarded his/her IRTAF grant check.  Below, you will find more information on the winner, along with his/her school, the amount of the award, IRTA Area, and a summarized paragraph of the project in the winner’s own words.

Kate O'Donnell, Normal Community High School, Normal ($700.00) 

"As our department is transitioning to foreign language acquisition through Comprehensible Input, this grant will provide funding for classroom novels, teacher guides, and student-friendly current events to help the students begin to read and understand a second language and connect with the world around them."  Congratulations to Mrs. O'Donnell!


Each year, NCHS provides an opportunity for students to see what NCHS has to offer with regards to extra-curricular activities.  This is done in the form of an activity fair sponsored by our Counseling Department.  Our fishbowl was opened up during lunch periods and homerooms to allow students the opportunity to browse the different tables set up representing some of the many activities available here at NCHS.  This was a time for students to interact with club/activity sponsors as well as students who are already part of the various groups.  This was open to all students to attend and there was a great turnout!
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