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Athletic Gold Slip Information

Gold Slips can be processed electronically this year.  Click this link to be taken to our new athletics website.  Once there, click on registration. Forms should be completed online this year.  If you need to drop off a hard copy of the physical, you may do so at the temporary office (follow the sign).  We will forward the online athletic clearance to the coaches.


Gold Slip Information

When a student has a desire to try out/participate in a sport, the students, parent, or guardian must register the athlete through our online system.  This system replaces our old gold slip process. Once registration is complete, coaches will receive an online list of students eligible to tryout or participate in the respective sport.

Coaches will not be collecting physical forms, birth certificates or athletic participation packets (3 forms). The forms listed below only have to be completed once a year and are available on the online registration site.  Online registration must be completed prior to participation/try out in each sport.

  1. Current Physical (Physicals are good for 395 days from the day they were issued)
  2. Copy of the Birth Certificate must be on file
  3. Athletic Participation Packet - 3 Forms (Athletic Permission/Record Form, Concussion Information Sheet, Student Acknowledgment/Signature Form).  This is an electronic submission on the PJHS athletics website – renewed annually.