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Monday, January 11th, 2021

School Pictures! 

In-Person Learners: Picture retakes will happen this Thursday and Friday during 6th and 7th hour!

Fully Remote Learners: Pictures will happen this Thursday (A-K) and Friday (L-Z) during the morning.  Check the front page of our website ( for more information!

Student Survey!

One of the most important parts of Eagle Nation is our ability to learn from each other!  In order for the staff at Evans to "Be The Good" and support and serve you - our students best - I am still asking for your thoughts and experiences from this very unique 1st semester.

Here is what I am asking from  you - our student body:  If you have not already, please take the student survey. 

Check your email today for the link!  All students who complete the survey are eligible for a $25 gift card to a store of their choice!

Family-Teacher Conferences!

These virtual conferences will take place on Friday, January 22nd!  Please check our website ( for more information!

When you are learning at home:

  1. Check your email every day!
  2.  Check Google Classroom every day!
  3.  Be present & engage in Eagle Nation! 
  4. If you have problems or questions - speak up!