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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Happy Thursday!  Today is February 7, 2019

Birthdays today:  Ryan Baxter, Kayden Crawford, Jonathan Prabhu, Luke Stephens and Quincy Winston

Lunch today:  chicken tenders

Evans wrestlers will compete against Morton at home tonight at 4:30.  Good Luck Eagles!!

Tomorrow and Saturday, Evans will host the volleyball INTERCITY TOURNAMENT!  Come out and watch some great volleyball matches!

7B is selling Valentine Grams for a dollar before school.  Send a Valentine to a friend, teacher (or even Mr. McGraw:)  Valentines will be delivered in one week on Valentine's Day.

Beta Brain is back!  This free STEM activity is open to Unit 5 students!  Please talk to your science teacher or go to  to find out more information on this all day activity!