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Volunteers- NEW Screening Process

If you are interested in volunteering at Towanda Elementary you will need to complete a Volunteer Screening.  This background check ensures the safety of our school community and must be completed each school year.  Please contact Mrs. Pals in the office at ( to begin the process.  

NEW THIS YEAR--  This process must be completed by every parent wanting to volunteer each year.  There is no longer a separate process to simply renew your volunteer status.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a volunteer badge from the office with the current school year on it.  If you have your previous badge, please bring it with you to the office and Mrs. Pals will simply update your sticker as we are low on materials for new badges.

This includes but is not limited to volunteers who:

  • volunteer in the IMC

  • work with students individually or in small groups

  • volunteer in the school throughout the day when children are present

  • help with the after school program