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Therapy Dog at Hoose

January, 2020


Dear Hoose Parent / Guardian:

This letter is to inform you that there will be a therapy dog in our school assisting several of our students and classrooms.  The therapy dog will/may, at times, be a part of your child’s class.

This therapy dog is a highly trained companion for our student(s) and is able to assist in many of the routine activities which may pose some challenges for students. The right to have a therapy dog is protected under Human Rights legislation and follows Unit 5 Board Policy.

All the teachers in the school will be given instruction on how their students should behave around the therapy dog. The students will be informed that while the therapy dog is wearing his red vest/identification at the school, he is a working therapy dog and should not be treated as a pet.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see how a therapy animal can positively affect the learning environment. If you have any specific concerns regarding the presence of the therapy dog in your child’s class, please contact me at the school.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


 Adam Zbrozek, Ed. D                                                                       

Colene Hoose Elementary School Principal