• Tryout Evaluation Form

    Metal spikes are allowed   New for 2022

    All Catcher's gear must have the NOCSAE stamp on it (helmet, chest protector) to be legal equipment for game usage.  New for 2020

    Legal Bats for Junior High Baseball  New for 2019

    Any bat that has a BBCOR marking on it is a legal bat. Any bat that is 30 inches or under and has a greater than a minus three drop with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8" WITH a USA Baseball logo on the bat is a legal bat.  All 2 1/4" barrel bats are illegal. All bats with a USSSA logo are illegal.  

    Pitch Count Chart & Rule Interpretation  New for 2018


    Player Registration and Tryout Information 2023 
    On-Line Atheltic Permission Form Registration .  Please View the Parkside School home page click on Athletics, and then Registration, or click on the link here to fill out the on-line registration via the 8 to 18 website.  Every parent/guardian has to fill out the on-line registration. 
    Please complete the online registration first before bringing the updated physical to the office.  Online registration will be completed by Friday, July 28, 2023, with Monday, July 31, 2023 being the first day of tryouts.

    Monday, July 31, 2023  

    • 4pm-6pm 8th Grade tryouts, PJHS baseball field, corner of College Ave. and Parkside Rd. Use Parkside Elementary parking lot for drop off.
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm 6th& 7th  Grade tryouts
    • Plan – Throwing Mechanics, Hitting, Bunting, Exit Velocity off of Tee, Pitching, Catching

    Tuesday, August 1, 2023

    • 4pm-6pm 8th Grade tryouts
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm 6th& 7th  Grade tryouts
    • Plan – Throwing Mechanics, Ground Balls, Push-ups, 60 Yard Dash, Pitching, Catching

    Wednesday, August 2, 2023

    • 4pm-6:30pm  8th Grade tryouts (final team chosen with player/coach discussions)
    • 5:30pm-8:00pm 6th& 7th  Grade tryouts and final team chosen with player/coach discussions
    • Plan –Throwing Mechanics, Fly Balls, Arm Strength, Pitching, Catching, 1 Mile Run (NEED tennis shoes)

         Teams will be posted on the Roster Website  by 10am tomorrow

    Thursday, August 3

    • 4pm-6pm A Team Practice  (8th Grade)
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm  B Team Practice  (6th& 7th Grade)

    Friday, August 4

    • 4pm-6pm A Team Practice  (8th Grade)
    • 5:30pm-7:30pm B Team Practice  (6th& 7th Grade)

    Saturday, August 5

    • 8am-9:15am B Team Batting Practice (shorts/spikes)  
    • 8am-9:15am A Team Batting Practice (shorts/spikes)
    • Then Parent Meeting 9:30a-11:00p Parkside Baseball Field.  We will be outdoors to allow for social distancing, and using the microphone from the PA system to communicate.  Please bring a lawn chair/umbrella/sunscreen/water and set up in the Outfield/Infield grass.  One parent/guardian MUST be present to represent their son.  Should rain prevent practice, we will move inside Parkside Cafeteria and have the parent meeting at approximately 8am.

    Parent Meeting 2023   Sign In Link
    Parent Meeting Agenda 2023

    Select Screen Prints Spiritwear (due Aug. 8)
    Python Baseball Handbook

    Payment of Activity Fee ($90 - updated fall 2022). 


    Second Week Plan

    Monday, August  7, 2023

    • 4pm-6pm A Team Practice  (8th Grade)
    • 4pm-6:30pm  B Team Practice at Normal West Varsity Field  (6th& 7th Grade)

    Tuesday, August  8, 2023

    • 4pm-6pm A Team Practice  (8th Grade)
    • 5:00pm-7:30pm  B Team Practice  (6th& 7th Grade)

    Wednesday, August  9

    • 4:15pm-8pm A Team  DH @ Chiddix  (away, no bus, arrive by 3p)Cancelled Rain
    • 4:30pm-8pm  B Team  DH vs Chiddix  (home, arrive by 3:15p)Cancelled Rain  

    Thursday, August  10

    • 4:00-6:00p A Team vs Mahomet  (home, arrive by 2:45p )
    • 5:30p-8:00p B Team vs Mahomet (home,immediately following A Team, arrive by 5p)

    Friday, August  11

    • 4pm-6pm  A Team Practice  (8th Grade) 
    • 4pm-6pm  B Team Practice  (6th& 7th Grade) 

    Saturday, August  12

    • 12:00a and 2:00pm A Team @ Dale Horine Memorial Field, Forrest, vs Pontiac and Prairie Central (bus 10a, PJ bus lane)
    • 10:00a B Team DH vs Evans (home, arrive by 8:45a


    Other Items

    Attendance – imperative for all tryout dates

    Coach - Shawn Beaty

    Dress – please wear a hat, t-shirt, baseball pants (with a belt if there are belt loops), socks, tennis shoes to wear to and from the diamond, metal spikes, athletic cup and supporter, glove, no jewelry

    Dugouts – for tryouts only, 6th & 7th Grade use 3rd Base, 8thGrade use 1st Base

    On Time – being on time means being present at least 15 minutes before start time to organize equipment and change into spikes. Tryout End Time is when drills cease, please allow 15 minutes after to put away equipment, to do field maintenance, and to change out of spikes

    Personal Items – please label with name and be responsible for own items

    Rain (morning) – move back 6th& 7th Grade tryouts to 4pm-6pm and 8th Grade tryouts to 5:30pm-7:30pm (weather permitting)

    Sunscreen – use it

    Water – drink 10 to 16 ounces 1 hour prior to tryouts, bring own water bottle filled with water for use during tryouts, then drink 18 to 24 ounces after tryouts to maintain proper hydration

    2024 Season – On-line registration will be completed by Friday, August 2, 2024, with Monday, August 5, 2024 being the first day of tryouts. The times of tryouts may change.


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