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  • Unit 5 Food & Nutrition Services fuels healthy futures for Unit 5 students

    FREE meal distribution will continue for the 2020-2021 entire school year at three Unit 5 School Sites & numerous delivery stops.   

    **Please note changes to curbside sites and delivery schedules: starting Wednesday, February 10, 2021.** 

    Unit 5 Food and Nutrition Services will continue to offer free curbside and delivery meal distribution for students in remote and hybrid learning.  Students attending school 5 days per week at an elementary school will receive all meals at the school they attend and should not need to utilize curbside meal pickup. Please see site and delivery information below.    

    Please see the Curbside Meal Schedule for the meal distribution schedule and dates. 

    School Site Pick Up Location (open 10:30am until 1:30pm)
    Normal Community West High School
    501 North Parkside Rd

    Delivery Site Locations and Schedules

    Route 1: Bus #72

    • Towanda Elementary (11:06am until 11:21am)
    • Hudson Elementary (11:34am until 11:49am)
    • The Landings Office (Lindbergh Boulevard @ Lambert Drive) (11:58am until 12:13pm)
    • Park View Condominiums / Lincoln Square (100 Northfield Dr) (12:19pm until 12:34pm)
    • Calvary Baptist (Summit Avenue @ School Street) (12:37pm until 12:52pm)

     Route 2: Bus #89

    • Meadows (301 Hibiscus @ Joshua Tree) (11:24am until 11:39am)
    • Cardinal Ridge Office (Southgate Drive) (11:44am until 11:59am)
    • Hilltop Mobile Home (A Avenue @ 7th Street) (12:06pm until 12:21pm)
    • Oak Creek Plaza @ Tracy Drive (12:26pm until 12:41pm)

     Route 3: Bus #55

    • Carlock Elementary (11:25am until 11:40am)
    • Northmeadow Village (856 A Street) (11:55am until 12:10pm)
    • Orlando Avenue @ Northbrook Drive (12:12pm until 12:27pm)
    • Greenbriar (Greenbriar Drive @ Hoover Drive) (12:38pm until 12:53pm)
    • Shepard Park Parking lot (Shepard Park @ Hershey Road) (12:56pm until 1:11pm)

     Route 4: Bus #91

    • Underwood Park (Jersey Avenue entrance) (11:15am until 11:30am)
    • Colene Hoose Elementary (11:35am until 11:50am)
    • Wingover Apartments (Ibis Way @ Ibis Drive) (12:05pm until 12:20pm)
    • Prairieview Estates (13 Fetzer Court @ Bohmer Drive) (12:27pm until 12:42pm)

     Route 5: Bus #90

    • Danbury Court (Basil Way @ Pepper Place) (11:23am until 11:38am)
    • Alexander & Grandview Estates (Lindsey @ Dennis Drive) (11:46am until 12:01pm)
    • Maple Grove (Beta Street & Epsilon Street) (12:03pm until 12:18pm)
    • Traditions Apartments (Valley View Circle @ Valley View Drive) (12:29pm until 12:44pm)


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