• Unit 5 Kindergarten Registration for the 2022-2023 is open

    • Date: February 1-28, 2022
    • Age Requirements: Children reaching the age of five (5) on or before September 1, 2022, will be eligible for enrollment in kindergarten.
    • Location: Due to the pandemic, children will be registered online. 
    • Español: Si usted necesita ayuda o asistencia en Español,  por favor comuníquese con Lilia al 557-4629. 

    Choose the option below that applies to your situation: 

    • I live in an Open Attendance Area and have an incoming Kindergartner
      • Call 557-4242 to begin the registration process.
      • You will be sent a link to begin the registration process.  
    • I do not have any students currently enrolled in the district
      • Contact the school your student will attend to begin the registration process. (See contact info below.)
      • You will be sent a link to begin the registration process.  
      • All incoming Unit 5 students in a family should be registered at the same time on one application.  
    • My incoming Kindergarten Student is a current Unit 5 Pre-K student
    • I have students currently enrolled in the district that will be returning next year and need to register my incoming Kindergarten Student.  
      • Contact the school to let them know your student will attend kindergarten. (See contact info below.)
      • All Unit 5 students in a family should be registered at the same time while completing the annual update in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  
      • Log in to the Campus Parent Portal and follow the directions for IC Returning Student Registration
      • When you get to Other Household Members or Students, follow the directions to Add a New Student

    Preregistration consists of the following:

    • Online Registration - As described above. 
    • Required Forms - Please prepare your required forms. These forms can be uploaded during the online registration process (preferred method), mailed to the school, or dropped at the school office when it reopens. 

    Other important information:

    • Half-day or Full-Day Kindergarten: Unit 5 Kindergarten is a full-day instruction program. Parents who believe their child isn’t ready for a full-day may elect to send their child for a half day.
    • Birth Certificates: A CERTIFIED birth certificate must be presented on registration day or within 30 days. The souvenir hospital certificate with the footprints will not be accepted.
    • Immunizations and Health Exams: Students entering kindergarten MUST turn in a current physical exam and immunizations by the first day of school or they will not be allowed to attend classes. Parents are encouraged to turn in this information earlier. Kindergarten registration medical requirements video

    School contact info: