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    This Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) page will be updated as information becomes available.  Its intent is to provide information about how to install the testing program for students who bring their own device.  *Note; Android tablets are not supported for the ISA test.  Students with these devices will need to communicate with their teachers and test on a separate district device.
    In compliance with federal testing requirements, Illinois will administer a science assessment to students enrolled in a public school district in grades 5, 8 and once at the high school level. The high school assessment utilizes a course-based model with content aligned to Biology I. The assessment will be administered in an online format and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which were adopted in 2014. 

    Setup Documents 

    *Note: This process will not work with many Chromebooks from 2018 forward*
    You do not need to install the ISA app from the Chrome Web Store.  Simply go to your Extensions tab > turn on Developer Mode > click the "manage kiosk apps" button, and enter the following ID.


    A reminder of how to "Manage Kiosk Applications" can be found in this video.

    This step must be completed on the "Owner" account of the Chromebook.  To easily determine which account is the "Owner", check the list of profiles on the login page.  When you click the arrow next to the profiles, the one that is the owner will say "(Owner)" in parenthesis next to the account name. The regular user profiles will not show this. 

    *Note: If you have installed the ISA program in the past, you will have to uninstall that program before installing the new one.
    Installer found below
    Mac (10.11 p. 6)
    (10.12+ p. 5)
    Installer found below
    iPad (p. 8)


    Installation Resources






    • Windows
      • .exe installer
        • Once downloaded, you will need to right click on the file in your "downloads" folder and "Run as Administrator" to install.
    • MAC
    After installed, you can check the install by opening the program and...
    • ... sign in using access code: KVSUDWZXSR
    • ... select "Save and Return Later"...
    • ... quit the assessment using the exit code: 472317