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    Sometimes, Eagles need to "readjust" their flight path towards success, as well as work on restoring relationships to "make things right" with those individuals affected by a student's behavior.  
    This restoration can include interventions when harm or conflict has happened to relationshps, as well as the use of specific practices to help prevent further harm and conflict from happening to an indivudal and others by helping a student:
    • Provide an opportunity for understanding of his or her perspective. 
    • Build a sense of belonging within the Eagle Nation community.
    • Identify the people affected by his or her behavior.
    • Realize how identified people have been affected by his or her behavior.
    • Identify any "triggers" or problem areas to help all affected individuals to move forward and make things right.
    Most importantly, "Restoring the Nest's" purpose is to help individuals realize their role in the safety and social responsibility in the school community.  At Evans, "Restoring the Nest" - in its numerous forms - can happen when a student has demonstrated disruptive, disrespectful, or unsafe behaviors.&nbsp
    A student would typically find him or herself in a "Restoring the Nest" situation when:
    • A student is removed from class for a period.  
    • A staff-appointed consequence or meeting.  
    • A student serving an Administrator Lunch Detention.  
    • A student serving an Administrator Detention (one-hour before or after school).  
    • A student serving an In-School Suspension.  
    • A student returning from an Out of School Suspension. 


    "They think I don't care about school...I care about good grades and going to a good college."
    Student, in response to "What assumption do you think teachers have about you that is not true?"  
    First, if students are in possession of their cell phones, they will be asked to turn it off and turn it in for the remainder of their stay in the office.  Phones will be returned to students before they leave the office.
    Second, digital devices, i.e. laptops and desktop computers will only be available for academic purposes.
    Finally, students will be presented with the opportunity to address the impact of their actions through an approach that allows for true accountability, skill identification while building cooperation and mutual understanding.
    Students will:
    • have an opportunity to be heard
    • understand the greater impact of their actions
    • learn to take responsibility
    • repair the harm their actions may have caused 
    • recognize one's role in maintaining a safe school environment
    • build upon and expand on personal relationships in the school community 


     "I regret what I did and take 100% full responsibility for the incident."  
    Student, in response to "Looking back, what are you thinking now about the incident?"
    The first step within "Restoring the Nest" provides a student the opportunity to speak face to face with an individual staff member.  This typically is a member of the Evans Administrative team.  At this time, a student is presented the opportunity to provide his or her version of the incident.  The student will also have the opportunity to initially consider the effects of his or her identified behavior in regards to the incident.
    Second, a student will be presented with either a "Restoring the Nest" form or a "Restoring the Nest" packet, depending upon the consequence, as well as the type of behavior demonstrated by the student.  Both of these documents allow the student a formal, individualized opportunity to be heard, as he or she reflects on what happened during the incident or behavior, understanding his or her ability to self-manage his or her emotions and actions, owning the impact of the effects of his or her action(s) on others, and begin planning to restore any damaged relationships as a result of his or her action(s).
    Please note, you can view the actual document utilized to "Restore the Nest" with a student (below). 
    Please note, based on the situation and student, various members of the Eagle Nation community - including a student's peers - may be invloved in the "Restoring the Nest" process!  This is to ensure a student fully understands how all factors of the Eagle Nation family must work towards the same goal of supporting the student's ability to prevent, manage, and resolve negative behaviors and conflicts.
    Finally, a member of the Evans Administrative team will also reach out to the student's parent or guardian to ensure all stakeholders work together to address the conflict and support the student.

     "I need to say sorry and be nice, be more productive...I need to have better days."
    Student, in response to "What do you need to do to repair any harm you've caused through your actions?" 

    These documents will be reviewed by a member of the Administrative team, and they will be kept on file in his or her office.  The documents will also be shared with a student's school counselor, academic team, and individuals affected by the student's behavior.  The purpose of this communication is to create a "support team" of multiple, informed, caring adults for the student.
    "I know I need to change...to be honest, I need to apologize and change."
    Student, in response to "Brainstorm a plan to get others to see you the way you want to be seen."