1. On the day you were born:

    1. Name one famous person born on your birthday.  (http://www.famousbirthdays.net)


        B. What day of the week were you born?   (http://www.famousbirthdays.net)

        C.  One important event that happened on your birthday. (http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history) Scroll down to where it has the birthday cake and click on pick a date, type in your Month and Day.


         D. How old are you in days (http://www.mathcats.com/explore/age/calculator.html)?


    2.  Interesting Facts about the year you were born. On this website (http://www.dmarie.com/timecap) you are going to enter your birthday and it will give you some interesting facts. Choose three interesting facts and write them down.  
    3. Birth Month Trivia


    Find out:

    (a) How your month was named?  (You may need to use google to find this answer.)

    (b) What your birthstone is and its meaning?

    (c) What your birth flower is and its meaning?


     4. Chinese New Year Calendar  Description: http://www.pthsd.k12.nj.us/sch/bms/Curriculum%20Projects/computer%20class/About%20Me/chineseastrology.jpg


    The Chinese Calendar is based on the cycles of the moon. A complete cycle takes 60 years and is made up of five cycles of 12 years each.  Each 12 years is named after an animal and the Chinese believe the animal has a profound influence on the personality. They have a saying: "This is the animal that hides in your heart".

    Go to the Chinese Calendar to find out about your good points, not so good points and another person born in the same year as you. Name three of these points:




    Do you think any of these qualities apply to you? Give an example.