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Tyler Employee Access

First-time Employee Access Users...

Registering with Employee Access Guide

Please follow this guide to log into Employee Access for the first time.  This guide will step you through linking your Unit 5 Google account with your employee record.

Launch Employee Access

Click the link above to launch Tyler Employee Access.  If you wish to create a bookmark in your browser to directly access Employee Access, please use the URL below.


If you get error messages or have trouble logging into Employee Access, try clearing your browser's cookies for the site.  You can also try clearing your browser's entire cache.  Click here for instructions from Google Support.



In the Chrome address bar, click the little padlock icon.  Then click on Cookies.






In the window that pops up, click on each cookie (you may have multiple) that appears in the window and click the remove button.  After all are removed, click Done and then close the browser tab or window for Employee Access.  Try logging into Employee Access again.