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Substitute Training Outline

1. What is SubFinder?
  • An Interactive Voice Response system, similar to those used by banks and airlines, with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Employees & Administrators report absences via touch-tone phones.
  • SubFinder will use a variety of methods, including position matching, to fill absences/jobs.
2. How Will SubFinder Benefit Me?
  • There is a potential for more jobs, particularly for new substitutes, since Sub-Finder is completely unbiased in it's selection process.
  • You tell SubFinder when you want to work:
  • The days of the week you can work, as a general rule.
  • Days or date ranges when you are unavailable.
  • Days or date ranges when you do not wish to receive any calls - Do Not Disturb.
  • You have the ability to review the jobs that you've accepted, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
  • You can be proactive through the use of JOB SHOPPING - calling SubFinder to find out if there are any jobs available for which you are qualified!
3. What About Registration?
  • You Will Not Receive Any Job Offers From SubFinder Until You Register!!!
  • You call SubFinder and identify yourself using your PIN - Personal Identification Number. (This number is your Social Security #.)
  • When you register you will:
  • Record your name.
  • Review your Personal Information
  • Verify your phone number.
  • Verify the days of the week you can work.
4. What Are Job Numbers?
  • Each absence successfully reported, by an employee or an administrator, is assigned a job number.
  • A substitute will receive the same job number when they successfully accept the job.
  • Many of SubFinder's reports use the job number as a reference.
  • Job numbers must be used when accessing an existing job for review or cancellation.
  • Any time you accept a job, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE NOTE OF YOUR JOB NUMBER!!!