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    I am proud to teach the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) classes at Kingsley Junior High School.  Intro to FACS is a one semester class for 6th and 7th grade students.  It teaches practical skills with hands-on lessons for green living, nutrition and cooking, fashion and interior design, and financial literacy.  

    Advanced FACS is a class designed for 8th graders.  Students explore FACS fields of study by applying knowledge and skills towards project based learning. Students aim for greater understanding by making connections to the world around them. Classroom activities promote critical thinking and workplace skills.  

    Both classes teach students how to empower themselves with life skills. Students think critically, read, discuss, lead, follow, increase their vocabulary, and apply their learning.

    I use CMS, a private website that students can access anytime for information related to class. When your student is absent, please check the FACS CMS cite to access missed lessons and make-up assignments. CMS link
    2018-2019 School Year Schedule
  • Contact Information

    Classroom       001

    Sewing lab      002

    Culinary lab     003

    Voicemail        309-336-6293

    Email              rileys@unit5.org

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  • 1st Semester

    1 hr  Advanced FACS

    2 hr  Intro to FACS

    3 hr  Plan & Lunch

    4 hr  Advacned FACS

    5 hr  Intro to FACS

    6 hr Intro to FACS

    7 hr Intro to FACS

    8 hr  Plan

  • 2nd Semester

    1 hr  Advanced FACS

    2 hr  Intro to FACS

    3 hr  Plan & Lunch

    4 hr  Advanced FACS

    5 hr  Intro to FACS

    6 hr  Intro to FACS

    7 hr  Intro to FACS

    8 hr  Plan

  •                         Room 001  Common Classroom & Interior Design Lab

                            Room 122         

  •                         Room 002  Fashion Design & Sewing Lab

                            Sewing Lab
  •                       Room 003 Culinary Lab 
                            Culinary Lab