Below is an ALPHABETIC LISTING of all teachers and administrators at Normal Community High School. 

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NCHS offers a full and well rounded education to its students every year. 
We feature a diverse and exceptional curriculum presented by a highly qualified faculty. 

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   Aslinger, Melanie  Administration - Assistant Principal  
   Baez, Kaitlyn  English  
   Baker,  LaTishia  Social Studies  
   Baldwin, Mary Esther  Foreign Language - Department Chair  
   Barnes, Cathy   Science  
   Belt, Christopher  English  
  Bence, Kris Music 
   Bergmann, John  Science - Department Chair  
   Beyer, Jackie  Learning Resource - ASC  
   Bollmann, David  Administration - Principal  
  Boezio, Sarah Business 
   Bovenkerk, Bradley  English  
   Bradshaw, Annette  ESL  
   Brobston, Stacy  Learning Resource  
   Budak, Heather  Foreign Language  
   Cardiff, Angela  Learning Resource  
   Cardiff, Benjamin  Learning Resource  
   Carter, Cathe  Math  
  Carter, Lynn Nurse 
   Chapman, Matthew  Learning Resource  
   Chessare, Lauren  English  
   Christopherson, Jeff  Science  
   Christie, Paige  Technology  
   Cimala, Dawn  Learning Resource  
   Claricoates, Anita  ESL  
   Clark, Anthony   Administration - Assistant Principal  
  Clark, Mike Administration - Athletic Director 
   Coffey, Christopher  Drivers Ed/Physical Education  
   Cole, Jeffery  Drivers Ed  
  Common, Shontae English 
   Copp, Anna    
   Deal, Emily  Math  
   DiVita, Margherita  Family and Consumer Sciences  
   Drengwitz, Jason  Business  
   Dunn, Darrelynn  Learning Resource  
   Ehrhardt, Michelle  Physical Education  
   Endsley, Lori  Math  
   Engel, Christy  Math  
   Ewalt, Melinda  Physical Education - Department Chair  
   Fabish, Joshua  Administration - Assistant Principal  
   Fee, Joan  Counselor  
   Feeney, Amy  Math - Department Chair  
   Feeney, David  English  
  Fields, Julie Learning Resource - Social Worker 
  Florido, Peter Math 
   Foster, Nathan  Physical Education - Driver's Ed Coordinator  
   Fox Anvick, Caroline  IMC  
   Frazier, Jill   Math  
   Freymann, Megan  Business  
   Frietsch, Marissa  Learning Resource  
   Frisvold, Jaclyn  Foreign Language  
  Froelich, Scott Math 
   Fulks, AshleyForeign Language

   Glorioso, Anthony  Technology  
   Gotschall, Heather   Math  
   Green, Karen  Learning Resource  
   Gudeman, Kathryn  Physical Education  
   Hagler, Julie  Social Studies  
  Hansen, Courtney Science 
   Harfst, Liz  Agriculture  
   Hatfield, Anya  Learning Resource  
   Hawkins, Karrin  Counselor  
   Hawkins, Meghan  Social Studies  
  Heller, Brad Math 
   Herzovi, Brittany   Science  
   Hooten, Jessica  Art  
   Horton, Julie   Foreign Language  
   Houk, Emily  English  
   Ince, Addie  Counselor  
   Katz, Tana  Administrative Assistant  
  Kelly, Jennifer Art Department Chair 
   Keogh, Kelly  Social Studies  
  Kerr, Sean Technology and Media Specialist 
   Kobel, Victoria  Physical Education  
   Konopasek, Christine  English  
   Koski, Barbara  Learning Resource  
   Koth, Cheryl  Foreign Language  
   Krogmeier, Paul  English  
   Lawler, Patrick  Social Studies  
   Lawrence, Kathryn  Math  
   Lelm, Misty  English  
  Link, Chelsea    Learning Resource 
   Litwiller, Laurel  Foreign Language  
   Lopez, Katie  Social Studies  
   Luginbuhl, Benjamin  Music - Department Chair  
   Mann, Marcus  Physical Education  
   Maurer, Nicole  Administration - Associate Principal  
   McAndrews, Sherrilyn  Learning Resource  
   McWhorter, Tyler  English  
   Meadows, Lance  Music  
   Meredith, Corey  Family and Consumer Sciences  
   Modglin, Peggy  Learning Resource  
   Moore, Ebony  Learning Resource  
   Murrin, Daniel  Physical Education  
   Murrin, Malea  Physical Education  
   Newton-Gonzalez, Jordan  Learning Resource  
  Nutter, Christina ESL 
   Ort, Ariane  Family and Consumer Sciences  
   Pagluica, Joseph  Science  
   Palma, Janine  Learning Resource  
  Papoccia, Brett Learning Resource 
   Pendleton, Tara  Business  
   Peterson, Sarah  Learning Resource - Psychologist  
   Peyton, Caitlan  Physical Education  
   Plattner, Heather  Learning Resource  
   Reinhart, Ana  Math  
   Robinson, Stefen  Social Studies  
  Rodriguez, Francisco Foreign Language 
   Roller, Michael  Science  
   Ross, Ken  Business  
   Runyon, Jayne  English  
   Ruyle, Hilary  Learning Resource  
   Ruyle, Jason  Art  
   Rybarczyk, Claire  Learning Resource  
   Sanders, Erin  Learning Resource  
   Sanders, Neil  Physical Education  
   Sargent, Zachary  Learning Resource  
   Schnabel, Mirjam  Foreign Language  
  Schonauer, Derrick    Physical Education 
   Schuckman, Lisa  Math  
   Schweinberg, Matthew  Social Studies  
   Scott, Amy  English  
   Scott, Jonathan  Science  
   Sherrick, Brandy  Learning Resource  
   Short, Ryan  Counselor  
   Siebenthal, Melissa  Music - Orchestra  
   Sokulski, Jennifer  Learning Resource - Department Chair  
   Starkey, Dana  Business - Department Chair  
   Steve, Justin  Science  
   Stevens, Carrie  Learning Resource  
   Stolfa, Molly  Learning Resource  
   Suess, Kevin  Social Studies - Department Chair  
   Sutherland, Nicholas  Science  
  Sutton, Karin Learning Resource 
   Swanson, Joel  Science  
   Temples, Wesley  Physical Education  
   Thomas, Bryan  Social Studies  
   Thomas, Laura  Family and Consumer Sciences - Department Chair  
   Trimpe, Julie  Learning Resource  
   Turner, Lisa  Math  
   Urbance, Jeanne  English  
   Vernon, Kevin  English  
   Veselak, Amy  Learning Resource  
   Walker, Karen  Learning Resource  
   Walker, Valentine  Science  
   Warner, Trish  Social Studies  
   White, Kristina  Counselor  
   Whitman, Donald  Technology - Department Chair  
   Wilbourn, Armie  Science  
  Williams, Sara Music 
   Witzig, David  Social Studies  
   Woods England, Collette  Learning Resource