• What are the school hours?

    Students are in attendance from 7:45-2:30 every day.  Students may arrive at school at 7:25 in the morning.  Students who arrive prior to 7:25 will need to be enrolled in the before school program.

    When does my child each lunch? 

    Grades 2 and 3 go to recess from 10:20-10:45, then go to lunch from 10:45-11:10
    Grades 1 and 4 go to recess from 10:45-11:10, then go to lunch from 11:10-11:35
    Grades K and 5 go to recess from 11:10-11:35, then go to lunch from 11:35-12:00
    Early Learning eats lunch from 12:00-12:25.

    Can I come to eat lunch with my child?

    Absolutely!  Students love having family members eat with them in the cafeteria! We ask that families give the students at least 2-3 weeks to get acclimated to the lunch routine before eating with their child at school.  When you come to school, please sign in at the office and meet your student in the lunch room.  You are welcome to bring lunch for you and/or your child or eat a hot lunch.  If you choose to eat a hot lunch, please let the office know by 7:45 that morning.

    How are birthdays celebrated at Sugar Creek?

    Birthdays are a big deal for every child, and we do our best to make your child's day a special one at Sugar Creek! Because of a myriad of dietary and medical needs, our school policy states that birthday treats are not permitted at Sugar Creek.  Students are more than welcome to bring in an alternative token (pencil, goodie bag, etc....) to share with their classmates.  You will receive more specific birthday information from your child's teacher!

    Will there be classroom holiday parties?

    At Sugar Creek, the students participate in classroom parties to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Each classroom has 1 or more room parents who will coordinate these events.  If you would like to help plan or provide items for class parties, please contact your classroom room parent.  Also, we ask that families please refrain from sending in treats, drinks, etc...on party days, unless you have coordinated this with the room parent(s).

    What if my child has to leave during the school day?

    While we highly encourage families to schedule appointments outside of the school day, we realize that this is not always possible.  If it is necessary to pick up your child early or bring them to school late, please go directly to the office.  There, you will sign your child in or out, and the office will contact his/her classroom.