The following are ways that you can help support Oakdale's PTO, and are ongoing throughout the year.


On-Going Fundraisers:


Family members ANYWHERE can use this service. PTO will receive 10% of all sales when OAKDALE is selected as organization of choice (only have to set once)

  • Schwan's Ice Cream: 

Campaign URL:

Campaign ID: 18542


       Campaign URL:

        Campaign ID: 45929
PTO will receive 5% of all sales. Family members ANYWHERE can use this service, too!
****EXISTING customers need to use above links or call 1-855-870-7208 to place your order for Oakdale to receive part of the profits.****

  • Good Neighbor State Farm Grant:
Classroom teachers can get $500.00 each year when an EMPLOYEE of State Farm donates a total of 40 hours or more to Oakdale! A wide variety of activities are available, both in school and at home.  If interested, please contact the Oakdale office or a PTO board member for more information.


  • Red Robin: 

PTO will 1% of all sales when you sign up for the Royalty Program and select OAKDALE as your school (only need to do once)


  • Box Tops: 
Clip BOX TOPS off select products and send them into your child's classroom. Oakdale gets CASH for EACH box top that is turned in.