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    Welcome to 8B!

    We are hoping this page can be a valuable resource for you throughout the school year. Please check back here often for important updates and announcements regarding team-wide events and topics.

    You will see that to the left there is a list of links with important information:
    • The "What's up on 8B?" page is where you will find important announcements and updates about what's happening on our team.
    • The "Teacher Info" page provides contact information for all the teachers on our team. There are also links to individual teacher websites where you will find more detailed, class-specific information.
    • Our team's online assignment notebook can be found by clicking on the "Assignment Notebook" link. Here, you will find a listing of the assigned homework for all of our CORE classes.  
    • For printable versions of many of our permission slips and documents regarding team activities, please visit our Team 8B Google Classroom page. If you need the code, please email one of the 8B teachers!