Our Mission

    Our mission as Physical Educators is to educate our students on the importance of being active throughout their lifetime. We accomplish this through fitness related activities, individual and team play, and adventure education. 

    We provide opportunities for students to set, achieve, and evaluate personal fitness goals through fitness related activities that include cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance.  The students are able to monitor and evaluate their progress throughout the school year by utilizing modern technology, fitness testing, and personal and peer evaluation. 

    Working together through individual and team play, students are able to cooperatively create a learning atmosphere that is safe, respectful, and tolerant of a wide range of abilities and learning styles. The students will acquire motor skills that will allow them to demonstrate physical competency while learning game concepts and strategies. 

    Combining team building, physical fitness activities, and individual and team play together in an environment that emphasizes leadership, decision making and communication will encourage students to become active for a lifetime.