The purpose of our school counseling program at Chiddix Junior High School is to promote and enhance the learning process. The school counselors work with students, school staff, families, and members of the community as an integral part of the education program at CJHS.


    Counselor’s Role:

    Your student’s counselor will be with your student throughout his/her three-year CJHS experience. One of the joys of counseling is watching your student grow over the three year period. Your student can go the counselor for personal, group, academic and/or social issues. The counselor won’t “fix” things, but will facilitate problem solving. The Chiddix Junior High Counseling Department provides the following services:

    • Individual and small group counseling

    • Classroom group guidance and counseling

    • Involvement with parent/teacher conferences

    • Staff and parent consultation

    • New student orientation

    • Class scheduling

    • 5th grade transition to CJHS

    • 8th grade transition to high school 

    • Career Education Program: Career Cruising

    Usually, the counselors meet with students during tutorial, lunch, or before/after school. If a student needs to talk with the counselor they can sign up in the guidance office.


    Students may add or drop a music class only durning the first 10 days of each semester (band, orchestra, chorus)

    8th grade students will not be allowed to drop a foreign language or elective once enrolled.

    If adding/dropping the class(s) is deemed necessary per parent/teacher/counselor at any other time during the school year, the principal must give final approval