• ~ Birthday Celebrations ~


    At Parkside Elementary, we love celebrating our students’ birthdays and making them feel extra special! On the day of his/her birthday, the student’s name is announced on the intercom during morning announcements. The birthday girls and boys are then invited to the office to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom. Then, the birthday children get to select a special pencil and bookmark. 


    The classrooms celebrate the children’s birthdays in a variety of ways; birthday stickers, a special birthday chair, a birthday cape, birthday crown, birthday messages from their peers, birthday sign, pick a story to be read to the class and/or singing. It is a fun time for all! 


    As a staff, we voted to not celebrate birthdays using food (cupcakes, candy, treat bags, etc.).  We want to support our children making healthy choices and also help keep our friends with food allergies safe. Should your child like to bring one small item for his/her classmates such as pencil, sticker, eraser or bookmark or donate a book to his classroom library, that is allowed, but not required. 


    Store bought treats are allowed for the 3 classroom parties. Please note the school district’s policy regarding treats: “Due to health concerns and scheduling, treats and snacks for any occasion must be store bought, in the original packaging. We strongly encourage you to select a treat or snack with nutritional value, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.” 


    Thank you in advance for your support on Parkside’s birthday celebration policy and the district’s store bought treat policy for classroom parties.