We are PTO, You are PTO! 
    ~Fairview Elementary
    What is “P.T.O.”?  Parent Teacher Organization, a collection of individuals, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, teachers, etc. who love our school, our community, and our students.
    What does P.T.O. do?  Lots of things!  Your students took part in the October “Fall Festival” and May “Family Fun Night,” which P.T.O. organized and hosted for our kids.  P.T.O. fund-raising contributed the ground cover installation of the beautiful new playgrounds at the school that were installed summer of 2012, and P.T.O. Maintains a safe level of ground cover thereafter.  P.T.O. organizes Spirit Days periodically around town.   
    Fund-raising?!  Yes, in order to help support our school, our teachers, and our children, it is the P.T.O. (a Non-Profit Organization) that fund-raises.  When you bought “Spirit wear” emblazoned with our Fairview Falcon, or eat at one of the restaurant Spirit Nights for Fairview, or buy a “butter braid” or five each fall, the raised funds go to the Fairview P.T.O.  We in turn use the funds raised to help on the campus, like the playground ground cover, a classroom stipend for each teacher every fall, various modest expenditures that supplement the school's items for kids throughout the school year, and a college scholarship to a former Fairview Alumni or two each spring.
    How do I learn more about P.T.O.?  We meet monthly, on the first Tuesday night of the month at 6:30 P.M.  We meet in the school's IMC.  Your student(s) are welcome to come with you and play in the gym while we meet.  If you have a student at Fairview, you are a member of the P.T.O. Already.  
    Periodically we will send news items home with your students in their folders.  We also keep a bulletin board outside the office at the school, and we are online too.  Fairview Elementary → PTO → Fairview Virtual PTO [https://www.unit5.org/domain/1539 ]
    Thank you so very much for your support.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about P.T.O., please contact any P.T.O. Board member or Principal Shaw.
    If you haven't visited a P.T.O. Meeting, please make plans to join us at our next meeting!  We look forward to meeting you!!

Last Modified on December 19, 2016