•  2023-2024 TUTOR LIST 

    The following list has been compiled as a service for parents and students. The school district offers this as a list of individuals interested in providing tutoring services. Unit 5 schools assume no responsibility in setting fees or conditions of employment. The actual employment of tutors will be established through the agreement of the parents and students being served and the tutor. 

    ARMSTRONG, AMANDA    armstra@unit5.org ardial93@yahoo.com 

    Subject Area: Math, Spanish, Reading 

    Grade Level: 3-8 


    BABBS, DANYELLE    babbsd@unit5.org

        Subject Area:  All Subjects   

        Grade Level: K-5 and Special Education


    BOWMAN, ERIN  bowmanem@unit5.org

        Subject Area:  Reading, Writing, and Math

        Grade Level:  K-5


    BYRD, LISA   byrdl@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math

        Grade Level: 1st-2nd 


    EDIKER, BLAIR     brokerbe@unit5.org

         Subject Area: Math, Reading, Science 

         Grade Level: 4-8


    CAREY, KATHLEEN     careyks@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Reading & Writing

    Grade Level: 3-5


    CARTER, KORY    carterk@unit5.org 

        Subject Area: Pre-Algebra- Pre-Calculus

        Grade Level: Middle and High School 


    CAUSARANO, PEI-NI  causarp@unit5.org / pnnyca@gmail.com

        Subject Area: Worl Language (Chinese/Italian/ESL)

        Grade Level: Children and Adults


    CHLEBOWSKI, JENNIFER    chlebowskij@unit5.org

         Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Speech/Language   

         Grade Level: Pre-K through 5 (Special Emphasis Prek-2)



        Subject Area: Math,  Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus

       Grade Level: 6-12


    DIZON, REGINO     dizonr@unit5.org 

    Subject Area Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Honors Algebra, Honors Pre-Calculus, Physics, AP Physics, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, English Composition & Writing, Earth and Space Science, College Astronomy, College Geology       Grade Level: 1-12

    DOUGLASS, MARY     douglamj@myunit5.org 

    Subject Area: Chemistry, Physics 

    Grade Level: 9-12 


    EMMERT, ALESHA  emmerta@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling

        Grade Level: incoming 2nd and 3rd Grade


    FISH, JILL  fishje@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math

        Grade Level:  Pre-k-2


    FITZGERALD, LAUREN   lmhunt8@gmail.com /fitzgelm@unit5.org 

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing

        Grade Level: 5th Grade


    FLORIDO, PETER      floridp@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Math   

        Grade Level: High School

    FROELICH, SCOTT     froelis@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Mathematics 

    Grade Level: 9-12

    GARMAN, KATELYN    garmank@unit5.or

        Subject Area: Special Education All Subjects

        Grade Level: K-12


    HAMMER, KRISTEN    hammerk@unit5.org

      Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math 

      Grade Level: 1


    HARKINS, ANNA   harkina@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Health

        Grade Level: 9-12

    HARTKE, COLLEEN     hartkeck@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: All Subject  LBS1

     Grade Level: K-6


    HAWKINS, JENNIFER    hawkinj@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Reading, Math

    Grade Level: K-5


    HERTZNER, DAN  hertznd@unit5.org

        Subject Area:  French

        Grade Level: 1 to AP


    HIRST, DAVID    dwhirst@gmail.com

    Subject Area:  Spanish, 

       Grade Level:6-12


    HOLLAND, ANITA  hollanda@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math

        Grade Level: 1-6


    KALINA, KATHRYN    kalinake@unit5.org kath81022@gmail.com 

    Subject Area: All Subjects

    Grade Level: K-6 


    KELLEY, PATTY    kelleypm@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Math 6-8, Algebra 1&2, College Algebra, Geometry

    Grade Level: 6-12 


    KELLERMAN, WENDY  kellerw@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts    

        Grade Level:  Middle School/Highschool


    KLOKKENGA, JASON   klokkej@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Social Studies 

    Grade Level: 9-12 


    KOMNICK, CHRISTINE   komnicc@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Writing

    Grade Level: K-8


    KRAUS, MORGAN  krausm@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Math

        Grade Level: High School



        Subject Area: Math

        Grade Level: 7-12


    LEWIS, EMILY  Lewise@unit5.org / lewcrew617@gmail.com

        Subject Area: Math, Reading, Writing

        Grade Level: 6-8


    LORD, MICHELLE  lordm@unit5.org / lord3030@comcast.net

        Subject Area: Any level of Spanish

        Grade Level: 8th-12th


    MARTIN, MICHAEL  martinm@unit5.org /mmartin5256@yahoo.com 

        Subject Area: Science

        Grade Level: 9-12

    MAY, DIANE    mayd@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Reading, Writing

    Grade Level: K-3


    MERCER, KAREN  mercerkj@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Social Emotional Learning, Reading, Writing, Math, Special Education

        Grade Level: 6-12


    MESZAR, JILLIAN  meszarj@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Music (Orchestra)a

        Grade Level: 5-8


    MILLER, ELIZABETH    millerec@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Reading, Math, Writing 

    Grade Level: Pre-K-6


    MILLER, EMILY  millerem@unit5.org / emilydavis2010@gmail.com

        Subject Area: Math, Reading

        Grade Level: 3rd Grade


    MIYAT, DANA    dcmiyat@gmail.com

        Subject Area: All Subjects

       Grade Level:  K-2


    MOTT, ANGIE   motta@unit5.org /aboline@gmail.com

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling

        Grade Level: 1-5



    MURPHY, JANET  murphyja@unit5.org / janpeb67@yahoo.com

        Subject Area: Mathematics

        Grade Level: 3rd-Geometry


    PEOPLES, TERRI     peoplesta@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Literature & Language Arts 

    Grade Level: 4-8 


    PRESLEY, DEBORAH    presled@unit5.org   debpresley64@yahoo.com 

       Subject Area:  Math/Reading/Writing

       Grade Level: K-5


    PRIMO, ABAGAIL    primoa@unit5.org

       Subject Area: Science, Biology, Chemistry   

       Grade Level: 9-10


    SCOTT, REBECCA    scottrj@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Math, Reading, Writing

    Grade Level: K-5 


    SCHEFFERS, KELLY   schefferske@unit5.org

         Subject Area: Literacy-Reading & Writing /Mathematics

         Special Education

         Grades K-6

    SCHERTZ, SUSAN  schertsm@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Math and Reading

        Grade Level: 2nd, 3rd, &4th 

       BS in Elementary Education MS is Special Education 28 years of experience


    SCHLIPT, BETHANY  schlipb@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math

        Grade Level: 1st-8th



    SCHMIDT, THERESE  schmidt@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading, Writing, Math

        Grade Level: K-5


    SCOTT,  REBECCA   scottrj@unit5.org

        Subject Area:  Reading and Math

        Grade Level:  K-5


    SHELBY, KAREN    shelbyk@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: All Subjects 

    Grade Level: K-5 


    SHOUKRY, KATIE   shoukrk@unit5.org

         Subject Area: Math 

         Grade Level Middle/High School


    SPRINGWOOD, CHERYL springwc@unit5.org 

    Subject Area: Science

        Grade Level: 6th, but has taught all levels all subjects


    STELMASZEK, ANABEL    stelmaa@unit5.org

         Subject Area: All Subjects    

         Grade Level: K-5


    STROH, REBECCA  strohra@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Writing, Spelling

        Grade Level: K-12

    STRADER, ABBI  astrader96@gmail.com / stradea@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Social Emotional Lerarning

        Grade Level: PreK-5th 


    TALLENT, TABBETHA    tallent@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Elementary/SPED  Preferably not Math

        Grade Level: Elementary

    TOMERA, LIZ tomeraa@unit5.org / mrs.tomera@gmail.com

       Subject Area: Math, Reading/Language Arts/Writing/Science/Social Studies

       Level: K-6 

    WARNER, KELLY  SPECIAL EDUCATION  warnerk@unit5.org

        Subject Area: Reading/Writing/Math

        Grade level: K-5