• To put Unit 5 on more stable financial footing and ensure our students continue to have access to the quality education they deserve, our community has come together to collaborate on a plan for the future for our school district. This community-driven plan will appear as a referendum on our ballots in the upcoming November 8th election.

      If successful, we will be able to:

      • Responsibly Solve Unit 5’s Financial Challenges

      • Avoid Having to Increase Class Sizes, Decrease Staff, or Cut Programs

      • Provide Safer and Improved Learning Environments for All Students

      This will give the district the sustainable funding needed now and into the future, and will  allow the district to no longer have to rely on working cash bonds to fund operations. These bonds expiring, combined with the district paying off previous building bonds, means taxes will not go up if the referendum passes—and taxpayers will actually enjoy an overall tax decrease of 0.7% by 2026.

      This new sustainable funding will keep our financial challenges from negatively impacting students and classrooms. Members of our community agreed with the need to shield our students from the steps we will have to take if we do not solve our financial challenges, including decreasing staff, increasing class sizes, reducing extracurricular activities and program offerings, shortening school days, and closing school buildings. It will also improve learning environments and make our schools safer for students. We will be able to lower class size, which will increase individual and small group instruction time and allow us to further improve our curriculum. We will also be able to increase student resources and support, including improving special education, leading to healthier students with stronger social and emotional skills. Finally, we will be able to improve safety and security, including providing secure vestibules at each school, giving our students and teachers a more secure learning environment.

      Here is a link to more information. 


      To learn more about the proposed plans, all are welcome to participate in the following information sessions:

      • Wednesday, September 28, 6 p.m. - Normal West High School
      • Tuesday, October 11, 6 p.m. - Normal Community High School
      • Tuesday, October 25, 6 p.m. - Virtual (information on signup will come closer to the date)

      Contact Director of Communication & Community Relations Dayna Brown, (309)557-4000 if you have questions.