• To put Unit 5 on more stable financial footing and ensure our students continue to have access to the quality education they deserve, Unit 5 has a referendum on the April 4th ballot.

    The future if the referendum PASSES:

    Safety & Security

    Improvements are needed to our buildings to ensure the safety of students 

    Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular

    Activities for students such as clubs, sports, band, and orchestra

    Attractive Community

    For families to remain here rather than looking outside this community 

    Property Values

    Remain in a steady state rather than decline with the quality of education 

    Smaller Class Sizes

    With better student to teacher ratio for academic success, resources and support services

    Competitive Enrichment

    Exposure to field trips, college prep classes, programs and modernized learning

  • Three Things to Know

    • The Unit 5 taxpayer community came together in 2008 to pass a referendum.
    • Part of that tax (labeled Building Bonds in the black box below) will expire soon.
    • Unit 5 school board and administration are asking taxpayers to keep it going. 
    • They are not asking to add additional tax dollars.

    The future if the referendum FAILS:

    Regardless of the referendum, Unit 5 is dedicated to quality education, but the reality is that we will have to make cuts   

    • Reduction of hundreds of teachers, administrators and support staff. 
    • Elimination of clubs, athletics, music and art. 
    • Fewer enrichment and non-mandatory classes.

  • The following reductions have already been approved for the 2023-2024 school year:

    • Increasing fees such as registration, gate fees, rental fees, etc.
    • Eliminating 5th grade band/orchestra, all junior high clubs, activities, and athletics for grades 6-8, and freshman-only teams
    • Eliminating field trips
    • Reducing special education community outings and job sites for students with disabilities
    • Limiting the number of students traveling for out-of-town competitions
    • Reducing  building and department budgets
    • Reducing administrators

    If the referendum passes the school board will be able to reinstate the cuts.