• The 2021-22 Internship Aplication is now available.  Click HERE for the application or go to this URL:  https://forms.gle/L1EoXtVmuSU77nNw9

    It is due on Sunday, December 20th.

    Course Description:


    (Semester ½ Credit or 1 Credit (Yearly 1 Credit or 2 Credits) (12)

    Administrative approval is required and is based on the Internship application

    The Internship Program is designed for career exploration that benefits the student and will be tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of the learner. The student will participate in a workplace experience while interning with a mentor in a business/organization, which is reflective of the student’s career interest, while observing workplace functions and investigating the requirements of a specific career field. Essential career skills will be correlated with soft skills and academic skills in a project-based format.

    The student will be released from school Monday-Thursday during practicum period(s) to intern with their mentor in an unpaid position with a business/organization an average of four hours per week for ½ credit or eight hours per week for 1 credit. Every Friday the student will participate in Internship Seminars during practicum period(s) at school instead of working with their mentor at the internship site.

    Seminars will assist the student in making connections between academic learning and workplace experiences in the following areas:

    • Academic application, competency, and relationship development in a professional setting
    • Career exposure, professionalism, and organizational culture
    • Performance evaluation in light of expressed goals and learning outcomes
    • Self-perception as compared to professional perception of site mentor
    • Career goal assessment and clarification through reflection on internship experience
    • Career Portfolio development, networking, and social media

    Instructional Philosophy:

    Students will be expected to meet the course goals and be able to demonstrate required concepts.  Students will work independently, with the internship site supervisor, and with the school coordinator to learn career-specific skills and to update career search materials.  Internship site experiences will require students to draw upon academic skills in mathematics, language arts, science, and social sciences as well as interpersonal skills. The instructor will utilize various delivery methods.  These include but are not limited to: discussion, video clips, computerized assessments, PowerPoint presentations, as well as others. The community plays a vital role in the success of the Internship program. Community members serve as site supervisors and mentors for the internship students.


    • Participate in a supervised internship experience
    • Complete learning goals outlined for the internship site
    • Prepare a professional career portfolio
    • Relate the importance of lifelong learning to career success
    • Explore appropriate employment opportunities and further education/training
    • Demonstrate the following transferrable work skills