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Diwali celebration at Glenn

Program Information

  • Unit 5 Schools currently serves about 650 English Learners (ELs) coming from a variety of language backgrounds including Spanish, Telugu, Tamil, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Marathi, Korean, and Gujarati. The following programs are available for ELs: transitional bilingual program for Spanish speakers PreK-5, for all languages Pre K-12 pull-out ESL support, push-in ESL support, self-contained ESL supported content area classes.

    The goal of the English Learner programs in Unit 5 is to meet the educational needs and support the strengths of the student. ESL classes will specifically help the student learn English and meet grade-level achievement standards and graduation through academic language support.

Contact Us

  • Director of Multilingual Services

    Leslie Webb

    phone: 309-557-4039

    email: webble@unit5.org


    Bilingual Parent Liaison

    Para español:

    Marianela Diaz

    phone: 309-336-7191

    email: diazm@unit5.org 


    Scarlet Mungia-Huerta

    phone: (309) 989-6718

    email: munguis@unit5.org


    Na lobaka pe Lingala.

    Je parle aussi le français 

    Divine Diamonika

    phone: 309-261-0764

    email: diamond@unit5.org


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