• The Forge

    The Forge is NCHS' homework help center open after school.

    The Forge

    The After-School Forge is opens the week of January 30th, and we'd like to invite your student to utilize this valuable resource at NCHS. The Forge is our academic support center located in room 04, behind the IMC. During the day it is a place to provide targeted interventions to a set list of students, but after school it is open to any student at NCHS to provide independent study time, tutoring from peers and teachers, and overseeing make-up assessments.
    • We will be open on most Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays for the rest of the school year from 3:45-5:00 (not open on half days).
    • We have staff members and peer tutors available to help and there is no appointment necessary.
    • Students can come in as often as they would like or need, with no appointment necessary. 
    • After school, students should have their ID, something to work on, and come to the senior hallway to wait outside room 04.
    • For students who need transportation, there is transportation that runs at 5:15. There are two buses, one headed for these stops to the north and these headed south, 16 stops in total.
    • Here is the SCHEDULE for the Forge for February through April and click here for the end of the year SCHEDULE through May (End of the 2nd Semester).

    Bus Routes/Maps: