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    What:  FCA is a national student led, adult sponsored and supported, interdenominational faith based organization or club.
    For More Information about FCA go to www.bnfca.org.
    Who:  FCA is a ministry devoted to developing student athletes.  At Kingsley Junior High we believe that if you are in PE you are an athlete, so EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!
    When:  We meet every Wednesday that is not a late Start at 8:00am.
       --Wake up with a Big cup of Jesus!!!
    Where: Kingsley Junior High's Arrends Gym (north gym).
       --Please drop off and enter through the front main doors.
    Activity: 8th grade leaders plan a lesson which includes an opening prayer, icebreaker activity, Bible lesson, discussion, and closing prayer. 
    Questions:  Contact Huddle Coach Brian Wiltz at wiltzb@unit5.org.