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    Phone Number:  309-336-6287

    What will be covered in English III:

    American literature:  Native American literature, The Crucible, Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, and many pieces of non-fiction and several poems to supplement our three units per sememster. Writing: expository and persuasive writing, literary analysis,several small research paper assignments, one longer research paper.   SAT/ACT prep will also be a focus.

    What will becovered in Honors English I:

    1stsemester: the short story, AnimalFarm, poetry/ epic poetry, independent reading, the basics of research and effective essaywriting, foundational speech components and giving a simple speech, effective group discussion skills, grammar/proofreading skills,


    2nd semester: Romeo and Juliet,  Great Expectations,  Night, literary non-fiction, independentreading, writing a persuasive essay, delivering an effective speech, effective group discussion skills, and basic grammar/proofreading skills