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    Jill Schenk
    Office 1101 (SSP)
    Phone  (309) 336-6328 - office number
    Email: schenkg@unit5.org


    2nd hour (224) 
    Helping students make better choices, use available resources, and be more successful in decision-making!
    I teach primarily in the Student Support Program (SSP) located in Room 1101 (down near the band hallway)
    Courses Taught in SSP:
    1st hour - SSP English
    2nd hour - Choices (in Room 224)
    3rd hour - Conference 
    4th hour - SSP HR and Lunch
    5th hour - SSP Social Studies
    6th hour - SSP Math
    7th hour - SSP Culinary Arts
    8th hour - Conference
    Conference Hours
    3rd hour and 8th hour in 1101  (usually)
Jill Schenk