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    “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 
    Mother Teresa

    What is The Inner Circle?

    The Inner Circle is a group of people who have committed random acts of kindness.  It is truly a culture of kindness.  Every day, many kind deeds and actions go unnoticed.  The Inner Circle is helping people focus on the helpfulness and thoughtfulness we witness in our lives.  It is time to recognize the small things people do.

    How does someone become part of The Inner Circle?

    Has anyone done something nice for you?  Did a stranger help open a door for you or lend you a hand when you dropped something?  Was a friend or family member there for you when you had a moment of weakness?  Or maybe someone just gave you a smile J or a simple “hello” when you were having a bad day.  Well, The Inner Circle is a way to recognize someone for doing a good deed.  Once you have someone in mind, write up what they did and post it on “The Inner Circle” wall in the classroom.  Then, you will give them a plastic bag and a ribbon.  Inside the bag, there will be instructions for the person you are recognizing.  They will visit the wall to read what you said about them and be invited to take a plastic bag and a ribbon and keep the circle growing. 


    Together, we can create a culture of kindness.