• Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art:-)
    In my classes, student artists and designers learn one of life's most important skills…how to communicate ideas visually. This is an important skill to have both in school and in the workplace. Student in all classes will learn the elements and principles of design.
    Students learn to communicate visually in fine arts classes such as Drawing and Painting as they create, research and study works of art. Students in this class work in art-coop studio groups within the class. In their studio groups, they formatively assess each others work through mid-progress critiques to help each other better meet class targets. Also, each group learns to market themselves as artists by building webpages for their art-coop group to showcase their work.
    They learn the art of visual communication as they work as designers in the Wildcat Creation Studio Macintosh lab.  Here students will use the Apple hardware and Adobe software as professional designers do. Students learn workplace readiness skills by working in design teams to solve design problems for real world companies and clients. Classes that work in the Wildcat Creation Studio include Commercial Art I, Commercial Art II, Digital Photography, and Desktop Publishing I, II, III.