• Below you will find various surveys that pertain to the Unit 5 digital conversion.  We are dedicated to gathering information about how this initiative progresses over time and documenting the changes that we see in our students and teachers.


  • Teacher Surveys

    ::This survey contains questions around demographics, technology use, and teaching philosophy.  Please choose the survey that best describes your current number of years in the 1:1 program::
  • After Your First Year of 1:1
    - New teachers 
    After 1st year

    After Your Second Year of 1:1
    - Primarily junior/senior level teachers
    - New teachers in their second year 

    After Your Third Year of 1:1 
    - All teachers who have been in the program for 3+ years
  • Student Surveys

    ::Five questions about the use of your technology device::
  • After Your First Year of Laptops
    - 6th grade

    After Your Second Year of Laptops
    - 7th grade
    - Seniors 

    After Three Years of Laptops 
    - 8th grade

  • Parent Survey

    ::Six questions covering topics about student use of their laptop outside of school, benefits of the initiative, levels of satisfaction, and comfort with technology. Space is provided to write comments as well::
  • 1:1 at Home
    - Any parent with a child in the 1:1 program
    Parent Survey