• Unit 5 Band and Orchestra


    Dear Fourth Grade Families,


    We look forward to having fifth graders as a part of the Unit 5 Instrumental Music Program next year!  In their music classes, fourth graders are learning about the instrument choices available to them in fifth grade.  We encourage parents to watch the video below with their student and help guide the student’s instrument choice.  The second video includes additional information for parents and guardians.  We ask that you enroll your student in this program by completing the enrollment and instrument selection form below no later than Friday, May 7.  Thank you for your interest in the Unit 5 Instrumental Music Program!

Instrument Demonstration Video

Parent Information Video

  • The instrumental music program adheres to pandemic protocols as set by the Illinois State Board of Education.  As ISBE guidance is updated for 2021-2022, the format of this program may adjust in order to accommodate participating students within bus and classroom capacities.  Any changes in the number of lesson days, for example, will be communicated as early as possible.


    Have Questions?

    If you have any questions about the program, please email Jennifer Bolton or Ryan Budzinski.  If you are having any technical issues with registration, please contact Ben Luginbuhl.

    We are looking forward to welcoming your students into the Unit 5 instrumental music program!



    Jennifer Bolton, Ryan Budzinski, and Ben Luginbuhl

    Instrumental Music Recruitment Committee