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    Welcome to my website!
    This website is meant to be a tool for students and parents.

    I update grades almost daily.  Quizzes, Projects, and Unit Assessments will be graded on a 40-100% scale.  Students will receive a 40% if they did not attempt the assessment or put in very little effort.  Students will receive a 50% if some correct mathematical effort was put forth.  Students will earn their grade for a 51-100%.  I will enter a grade of 40% if I do not have a grade for a quiz or unit assessment.  It does not matter if the student was absent.  If I do not have the assessment when I enter grades, it goes in as a 40%.  I will change the grade when the assessment has been finished (the student has taken the missing quiz or test).  I only enter homework grades when the assignment is complete and has earned full credit.  See the general course information sheet for more information on specific course grading policies.

    You may access your grade through Skyward Family Access.  Click on the letter grade for each course to see a breakdown of grades (individual assessment, homework, project grades).

    If you have questions or concerns, click to email me: email