College Algebra / Algebra I   -   Mr. Sennett


    Email:        sennettt@unit5.org               Conference hours:  1st and 5th (room 201 or 210)


    Student Responsibilities

    • Bring learning materials to class: The student is expected to come to class with textbook, notes, pencils, and homework completed.
    • Absent: It will be your responsibility to get the assignment and complete it for the following day.  (One week on late work)
    • Tardy: Students are to be in the classroom when the bell rings. 
    • Respect for others and their property: No profanity, no writing on desks, no food in class, NO CELL PHONES, etc.
    • Notebooks: We would like you to keep a notebook for this class. 
      • Goals
      • Notes
      • Tests/Quizzes
      • Homework
    • Do not line up at the door at the end of the hour.
    • No cell phones!




    • Our math department is using standard based grading, but we will still turn in homework throughout the class.


    Grades  (each 9 weeks)

    Homework     =   30% of grade                   

    Quiz/Test        =   70% of grade                   





    • Make an effort to attend school everyday.
    • Ask for help from a classmate first.
    • Ask for help from Mr. Sennett before school, a study hall, lunch, or after school.
    • Ask for help from the Math Department during study hall.