• Mission Statement
    The Transition Planning Committee (TPC) consists of members from local schools, agencies, not-for-profit organizations, parents of children with disabilities, people with disabilities, and other stakeholders. The TPC is organized to promote movement and identify barriers as students transition from school to post school activities, including: post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment, continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, and community recreation.

    Our purpose is to assist students, parents, advocates, educators, and adult service providers in forming a partnership to plan effectively for student with disabilities in their transition from school to adulthood.

    The vision of the Transition Planning Committee is that every student with a disability in Mid-Central Illinois will identify and achieve their community integration goals through the support and guidance of transition planning.
    The McLean County Transition Planning Committee has compiled a collection of employment activities for teachers to address vocational skills with students.  Materials are provided below into Chapters.  Please feel free to share and/or revise forms to fit your individual student needs.
                         Table of Contents (1-8)
    Chapter 1:  Career Exploration (9-98)
    Chapter 2:  Seeking Employment (90-130)
    Chapter 3:  Looking for Employment (131-161)
    Chapter 4:  Applications (162-198)
    Chapter 5:  Resume (199-258)
    Chapter 6:  Interviewing (259-298)
    Chapter 7:  Employability Skills (299-364)
    Chapter 8:  Appropriate Dress and Behavior (365-390)
    Chapter 9:  Advocacy Criticism and Other (391-441)