Welcome to Mrs. Fisher's 2nd Grade Class-Family!
    Are you ready for a fun-filled year of exciting learning? 

    As you can tell, I am very enthusiastic about our year. It is very important to get us all off on the “right” foot so that there is a good line of communication between you, your child, and myself.

    Second grade is a glorious time of your child’s life. Second graders come to school semi-independent capable of writing a little, reading a little and talking a lot. They are interested in a wide variety of subject matter and are eager to learn. They are searching for social acceptance and friends to begin to play an important part of their school life. School attendance is high due possibly to the fact that they are healthier and don’t want to miss out on anything!! Their personal social relations deepen at home, on the playground, and in the classroom, frequently becoming very fond of their teacher. They are conscious of the school as a group to which they belong. Second graders are capable and like to do things for themselves, parents, and teachers, if the tasks do not hold them for too long. They do like to please and are courageous creatures who verbalize their fears. They need some encouragement, but are willing to tackle and usually accomplish the feat in question if it is within their powers. They come to school in various sizes, shapes, and ability levels, but are universally genuine, open, and caring individuals. Together we can make it a great year of learning for your child in our class-family!