VTAP is an evaluation, training, and employment program that prepares students with disabilities for transition to employment and optimum community participation during and after high school. Obtaining part time employment during high school promotes responsibility, punctuality, and reliability. Working during high school also develops valuable work skills, and builds character and self-confidence.


    Work-Related Class – Classroom instruction typically conducted within the school setting that includes, but is not limited to, career exploration, job seeking skills, job placement skills, resume writing, job applications, and interviewing skills.

    Vocational Training Center – This training site provides comprehensive services for students. It is designed to provide short and long term training that will lead to community employment. Objectives of the Vocational Center include: vocational assessments, job readiness training, janitorial and grounds/maintenance program, and a training floor that consists of basic skills needed of an employee. No paycheck is provided, however students will receive incentives for meeting predetermined IEP goals.
    Development Training Program - Developmental Training is a program offered to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them become more independent in their daily life. Individualized goals are established through the IEP process to meet each individual's wants and needs. This program is best suited to those students who do not qualify for supported employment. Adult service provider supportive employment programs are time-limited and focused on job placement and training, not long-term support. The Developmental Training program is designed to reinforce skills or lessons taught in other settings, and may include training and supports to help maintain skills and functioning and prevent or slow regression. 

    The program also provides Vocational Training opportunities at the Vocational Training Center and various Unit 5 Vocational Training sites. DT can be a precursor to the Vocational Transition Assistance Program (VTAP).

    On Campus/Off Campus Training Site – This training site is used to develop basic job skills that will assist the student in developing appropriate vocational skills necessary for community employment. The Vocational Coordinator will place the student at a training site that will most appropriately accommodate the student’s strengths, skills, and needs. No paycheck is provided, however student will receive incentives for meeting predetermined IEP goals.

    Community Work Experience – This experience takes place within the community, is competitive and integrated with non-disabled workers. Paycheck is provided by the employer.

    STEP Work Program - McLean County Unit #5 works in partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services (Division of Rehabilitation Services). On a case by case basis students may be referred for DRS services. STEP, Secondary Transitional Experience Program, is an approved vocational work-study program supported, in part, from a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services/Office of Rehabilitation Services. In addition to complying with the Department of labor rules and regulations, STEP is also governed by policies and procedures emanating from the Illinois State Board of Education. The Student Trainee portion of STEP promotes opportunities for educational placements in the community for students with disabilities while assuring that applicable labor standards protections are observed.